Nimanga River - Timbukar Village

Welcome to the Nimanga River rafting adventure tour

ARUNG JERAM or White Water RAFTING now is not only the property of adventure sports activists, because the general public is also now able to enjoy the thrill of wading through the river on a rubber boat and feel the sensation of rafting that stimulates adrenaline.The Nimanga River in Timbukar Village has become one of the leading tourist attractions in Minahasa with its challenging rapids. Nimanga River has a unique river character and is very different from other rivers and is quite safe for beginners of course. The combination of natural forest and plantation view adds to the exciting rafting activities in Timbukar Village.


  How far is it from the city of Manado to the starting point "MANADO RAFTING"? From the city of Manado to the village of Timbukar, Sonder sub-district, Minahasa regency, by car only takes 1 hour 40 minutes. On the way to the starting place "MANADO RAFTING" there are several interesting places along the way from Manado, Tomohon, Sonder, and Tincep; such as the "Lampuzu" hot spring in Lahendong Village, the handicraft industry in Leilem Village, the panorama of rice fields before entering Tincep village you can see two waterfalls on the right side on the way to Timbukar village.  

YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY Our guides and equipment are of Internastional standard and follow procedures set by A.W.A (American Whitewater Affiliation).

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Rafting Ranoyapo - two days rafting

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